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Reactive Maintenance in Tunbridge Wells | Why Our Commercial Electricians Recommend Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is a convenient strategy that works well for certain businesses. It involves fixing problems once they arise rather than trying to spot them at an early stage. Although unsustainable for many companies in the long run, there are circumstances where reactive repairs are a viable option. Active across Tunbridge Wells and the wider South East, our team of commercial electricians offers a broad range of electrical work for commercial and industrial clients, including fuseboard installations and reliable maintenance.

We also have a team of hazardous area electricians for specialist jobs. We encourage clients to arrange pre-planned maintenance contracts, but we understand that this is not always realistic for certain businesses.

We are here when you need us most; choose BM Electrical South East for a quick response and affordable rates. Here, we cover three reasons why our electricians recommend reactive repairs:

  • Reduce Upfront Expenditure

  • Cut Planning Time

  • As Part of a Balanced Maintenance Process

Reduce Upfront Expenditure

Did you start a new business recently? Are margins tight while you wait for profits to rise? At this stage in your company’s development, it may be wise to avoid organising planned preventative maintenance. 

As hazardous area electricians who provide various services, such as fuseboard installations, we know the value of proactive electrical work. However, we also understand that investing too heavily in inspections and proactive checks early on in the lifespan of a business can hinder your growth before you even get off the ground.

Relying on reactive fixes is always a risk, but sometimes, a new business has to take a gamble in order to have a shot at long-term success. Many commercial electricians in Tunbridge Wells choose to channel funds into marketing, hiring and equipment early on and set up a consistent maintenance programme once revenue increases.

Cut Planning Time

An effective proactive maintenance plan requires substantial planning time. Many new businesses and companies at risk of losing contracts simply do not have the time or data needed to plan a suitable schedule. A good stand-in for planned maintenance and reactive maintenance is available to help with unexpected failures.

If you have put off organising regular inspections but have suddenly been hit by a succession of resignations, you would be wise to divert your focus to other areas in order to keep your business afloat. This is whether reactive repairs can help.

As Part of a Balanced Maintenance Process

The best way to utilise reactive repairs is as part of a balance. Take the time to work out which electrical components are integral to the smooth running of your business and which are marginal. By focusing your proactive maintenance plan on the most crucial aspects of your system, you can cover the less important parts with a reactive maintenance plan.

This saves on time, resources and money. As our hazardous area electricians know, there are some areas of electrical work that cannot be left to chance. If frequent power outages are losing you money, then a fuseboard installation should be a high priority. However, if you decide that certain areas of your business can run unhindered, our commercial electricians are here to help in the Tunbridge Wells area when things go wrong.

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